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  • Senegal & The Gambia: Traveling overland from Dakar, Senegal to Banjul, The Gambia

    Senegal & The Gambia: Travelling overland from Dakar to the Gambia using public transport After full week of work plus a few days exploring Dakar, I was ready to move on.  (insert DAKAR POST link) is a truly unique place, rough around the edges, bristling with  diversity full of interesting places. Though I was anxious […]

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  • Lesotho, Sani Pass – Self driving one of the world’s most dangerous roads, winding from Lesotho down into South Africa

    Sani Pass - Lesotho to South Africa Self Drive. Photo: Brandon Cox - Nothing Declared

    First: Don’t do what we did!  In retrospect, its insanity! At the Roof of Africa lies the narrow Sani Pass, an infamously steep “4×4 only” winding high mountain pass connecting the eastern edge of Lesotho and South Africa. With names like Devil’s Corner, Hairpin Bend, and Suicide Bend, the route’s treacherous conditions, narrow winding hairpin […]