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London based Sommelier Brandon Niles Cox specializes in European & South American wines and specifically uncovering off the beaten path, unfrequented hidden values which often represent excellent Quality-Price-Ratio (QPR). His proficiency comes from 6 years of wine research in Italy, Germany, Spain, Chile, Portugal, and the UK proceeded by 3 years in a labor of love studying wine in Paris, Champagne, and Bordeaux, France, including courses at France’s renowned  École du Vin. Brandon’s moves from Europe to the USA have required logistical feats –  involving shipping over 500 individually curated bottles.

Services. His writing often combines a love of travel, wine, and how not to overpay for either. Brandon currently works as a private consultant and educator: advising clients on wine futures, logistics, cellar setup, and custom stocking at all price points. Most recently he has advised several multinational Fortune 100 Corporate clients in the form of popular hands-on, participatory, guided wine courses which offer a fun and educational confluence of wine knowledge and leadership team building. 

His research and travels have led him to explore many of the world’s top wine regions meeting directly with producers and wine makers. His favorites so far have led him to explore: Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, Alsace, the Loire Valley, Rioja, Stellenbosch, California, Madiera, Douro / Porto, Mendoza, the Palatinate, and Rheingau regions.

Brandon is passionate about obtaining the best-tasting wines at an incredible value. He has professionally tasted for France’s largest and oldest wine publication,  La Revue du Vin de France. Furthermore, in his pursuit of amazing wine, he has attended hundreds of international wine expos, independent winemakers’ foires, and international wine, sake, and spirits shows.   Expect to see frequent content devoted to travel and local top wine finds at reasonable prices.

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