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  • Afghanistan – Reflections

    Afghanistan is on a heartbreaking journey to stability though the price is often freedom. People  showered unimaginable kindness during my travels through a county oversaturated with incredible sights yet overshadowed by decades of war and violence. Despite this troubled past  and years spent living under a cloud of fear, stress and uncertainty they rise above to exude a palpable warmth and love on a traveler they have just met.

    It completely breaks my heart imagining what changes will come in the next ten years as the world chooses to mostly ignore Afghanistan.  A time when the country will fight its most important fight – the struggle to come to terms with a generational and ideological crossroads which will define success or set a path towards failure for future generations. 

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  • Dakar, Senegal – a complete traveler’s guide to discover this fascinating city

    All in one Dakar city guide covering transportation, lodging, day trips, and Covid testing.
    On the western horn of Africa, Dakar is a massive bustling city which for years served as a melting pot of Portuguese, French, West African, Saharan and Islamic influence. great food, diverse architecture, fascinating people with a unique history, great beaches and sights – Dakar has it all!

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  • Lesotho, Sani Pass – Self driving one of the world’s most dangerous roads, winding from Lesotho down into South Africa

    Sani Pass - Lesotho to South Africa Self Drive. Photo: Brandon Cox - Nothing Declared

    First: Don’t do what we did!  In retrospect, its insanity! At the Roof of Africa lies the narrow Sani Pass, an infamously steep “4×4 only” winding high mountain pass connecting the eastern edge of Lesotho and South Africa. With names like Devil’s Corner, Hairpin Bend, and Suicide Bend, the route’s treacherous conditions, narrow winding hairpin […]