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    lebano, beirut soldier flowers

    2013-4-21 Lebanon: Beirut, Tripoli, and Byblos A wave of emotions swept over me as my flight from Saudi Arabia descended into Beirut, Lebanon. Undeniably, there was a lot of excitement. For years I had dreamed of the day I would be able to walk the streets of Beirut and Byblos.  I met many Lebanese in […]

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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Mostar, Stari Most bridge Jump

    2010-10-11 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1991 saw the deterioration of Yugoslavia following the pressures of economic hardship, ethnic conflict, and incendiary Serbian President Milosevic.  Bosnia declared independence in 1992 and the region disintegrated into a bitter civil war for the next three years. In 2010 I spent several months traveling through Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia […]