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  • Senegal & The Gambia: Traveling overland from Dakar, Senegal to Banjul, The Gambia

    Senegal & The Gambia: Travelling overland from Dakar to the Gambia using public transport After full week of work plus a few days exploring Dakar, I was ready to move on.  (insert DAKAR POST link) is a truly unique place, rough around the edges, bristling with  diversity full of interesting places. Though I was anxious […]

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  • Dakar, Senegal – a complete traveler’s guide to discover this fascinating city

    All in one Dakar city guide covering transportation, lodging, day trips, and Covid testing.
    On the western horn of Africa, Dakar is a massive bustling city which for years served as a melting pot of Portuguese, French, West African, Saharan and Islamic influence. great food, diverse architecture, fascinating people with a unique history, great beaches and sights – Dakar has it all!